Our main business…

  • We build custom furniture as the core of our business, and welcome working with you, the client, or with your Interior Designer or Architect to ensure you get exactly the right piece for your space and your lifestyle. 
  • We make unique pieces of furniture of our own design which we offer for sale, gallery viewing, shows and other uses. Currently available items may be viewed in person or in our online marketplace
  • When the muses inspire, we build artwork, bowls, and other miscellaneous items of wood and are happy to collaborate with artisans in other media (ceramics, stone, metal, etc.) on custom projects or art.

In addition to building custom furniture to suit your needs, we provide these other services:

    • Repair – fixing up your furniture to return it to a functional state, to add years of useful life to your piece
    • Restoration – cleaning, repairing and restoring your furniture to its former glory.
    • Conservation – preservation of the furniture in its state current, with the cards history has dealt it. Here, the objective is to stabilize, repair structural elements where necessary, and maintain its integrity to prevent further deterioration
    • Cleaning:  Sometimes all you need is a bit of preventative maintenance for your treasured furniture, which can extend its life immensely. Proper care for furniture is tailored for each piece of furniture, to preserve its finish, function, and feel.

Please contact us to arrange service or to discuss commissioning custom work.

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Some Important Notes:

  1. We do as much as possible in our own shop, where expertise, facilities and equipment allow. However, when its necessary and appropriate, we arrange specialty services (ex. specialty finishing, upholstery) to ensure you get only the best, most knowledgeable craftsmen working on your precious items. We contract this type of work with some of the most talented artisans in New England so you will get the quality you’ve come to expect from Mansfield Fine Furniture.
  2. We’ve encountered repair services who are happy to take a customer’s money to do a mediocre repair on a piece of furniture whose replacement cost is dwarfed by the cost of the repair itself. As part of our commitment to integrity, we will give you an honest assessment of your furniture’s repair-worthiness. While we understand that certain items hold sentimental value, and will certainly work with you on these,  we believe our clients deserve to know if and why a piece is more suited for replacement than repair. In the end, the decision is yours, but you should have all the information you need to make it.