Modern Woodworkers Podcast #5: About Woodworking Blogs

From me and the guys at Modern Woodworkers, a bit about blogs and blogging in woodworking. For me it all started last summer; here’s my first post.  I talk a bit more about it in the podcast. And don’t forget to send us your feedback, questions, comments!!

About Nick

Nick Roulleau is founder, craftsman, designer, joiner, finisher, floor-sweep and all of the other roles at Mansfield Fine Furniture. A woodworker for more than a decade, Nick started the company with the goal of filling the need for heirloom-quality furniture hand-made from premium woods. Every piece is designed to suit the customer's needs and desires, hand-picking each piece of wood, and built one piece at a time, using both modern and centuries-old traditional methods to yield furniture to last for generations.