What I’m working on: Bookmatching ‘Ugly’ Wood

You now those projects you put off, and put off, and put off? They’re not fun, per se, few people will see them, just kinda blah. For me, it’s the cabinetry for the laundry room (where only my wife goes). She’s been asking for some cabinetry for years, and the time came to do it.

I have a boat-load of ash left from a tree I took down in 2007 (ish). I’ve used much of the ‘good’ stuff for projects in the past few years. There are treasures in what remains, but much of it is streaky with brownish heartwood. So here’s the laundry room sink base cabinet, for which I re-sawed, and book-matched the ugly wood to make, um… slightly less ugly raised panels.  It seems like a mirror-image of the “blemish” makes it seem more of a feature, than a deficiency.

Sink Base cabinet in Ash

Sink Base cabinet in Ash, inset doors, false drawer


The other ash I’m kicking around the shop these days is a small table, maybe destined for a coffee table. It was a 12″ wide by 2.5″ thick slab with some cool figure and a live edge that I re-sawed. The bandsaw was not cooperative that day, so the bookmatch was not perfect, but it’ll still make a cool tabletop: the figure and purple swirls are awesome.  For now, I a taking it easy, spending some time reading portable table saw reviews since I need to revamp my workshop. When I get inspired about completing the base, it will be for sale. Contact me if you’re interested in this piece.

Bookmatched Figured Ash Table top, in progress


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