CraftBoston Spring 2012

This weekend I visited the Craft Boston show for a little inspiration, and to see how furnituremakers at the show were displaying, see what the crowd at this show is like.  This show is not strictly furniture, but includes artists and makers in many different media: ceramics, metal, jewelry, fabrics, etc. The ‘theme’ of the show was Steampunk, something like Victorian revival (think Jules Verne) which was a subtle presence, not carried through to most of the exhibitors. I won’t say more about it, because I don’t really appreciate the appeal, or understand the concept.

For me, and the other makers I went with, the focus was primarily the wood furniture, and other interesting woodwork.  I’ll say up front, that I did not do a great job in documenting everything we looked at, or even getting the maker’s names on all of the pieces I did photograph (primarily in the student works). Such is life.

First, I wanted to share some of the shots of my favorite piece from the show, from Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (CFC) student Monica Raymond: Standing Desk, in quartersawn walnut, QS walnut veneer, and maple, with holly stringing. Inspired by architectural features from some European cathedrals (stained glass windows, buttresses, entry arch, etc.), this piece was remarkable for the details.  If some of the little things had not been added, like the groove detail around the edge of the top, the angled feature where the walnut meets the maple leg, the fine maple cock-bead beneath the front apron and drawer, one might notice they were lacking, rendering the piece less than remarkable.



Here are the remainder of the shots I took, with as much info as I have for each in the caption. I’ve made a gallery of images, with as much information as I could recall or recorded. (NOTE: If one of these is your pieces, and would like to add attribution, or additional descriptions, let me know, I’d be happy to add it!)




You can also check out some of the other exhibitor’s works at their websites:

Sharon Mehrman

Duncan Gowdy

Paula Garabino

Mark Del Guidice

Dan Klein

Monica Raymond


Apologies if I missed your booth!


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