Lathe Stand & Tool Rack

When I purchased the bed extension to my little Delta VS midi lathe, it outgrew the length of the table I was using as a lathe stand. While I failed to document the build process, I thought it might be of moderate interest to see the finished product (such as it is).

The base is made from some scrap lengths of Advantech sub-floor sheathing (basically, wax-impregnated flake board, the latest in sub-floor material). I cut them to the length of the lathe+extension, plus a couple of inches, and slightly wider than the footprint. 

I made some 2×4 legs in the same way as you might to make a saw-horse, adding some scrap plywood gussets on the ends. The stretchers (at the bottom, under the shelf/drawers) are just 2×4’s screwed to the legs.

I made a simple butt-joint box of plywood to house the drawers, with simple plywood-box drawers with bottoms nailed on.  I had a thin resawn offcut of oak from the wine cabinet I had used to test finishes and colors (read: pre-finished) that I used as false fronts. It was perfectly sized to be used with continuous grain across the drawers (yes, totally unnecessary for a utilitarian piece such as this) I also had some cheap wood knobs kicking around, too big to be used for much else, but very functional for this application.

Here are the deficiencies I’ve found so far:

  1. The shavings collect on top of the drawer shelf, on the blanks I’m currently storing there, and ultimately fall into the drawers when I open them.  I think I may enclose this behind doors, a hinged lid, or something similar to keep it ‘clean’.
  2. There is currently no mount for the dust collection hood.  I just haven’t gotten around to making one, so I just prop it up any way I can.
  3. I can’t really get behind this stand to sweep or vacuum. To fix this, I may just try being less neurotic about cleaning up. What harm does a pile of shaving cause back there anyhow? They can wait.

After the stand was made, I decided I needed a rack to hold commonly used turning tools. The less used ones are kept in the drawers beneath.  My rack is pretty basic and functional, made of plywood.  Not much to say about it, so I’ll just show it in photos, if you have questions/comments on it, don’t hesitate to comment below.

So the final word on these shop additions: the stand is rock solid, and the tool racks – so far so good.  I think these’ll serve their respective purposes, and functional was the only goal in this little diversion.


About Nick

Nick Roulleau is founder, craftsman, designer, joiner, finisher, floor-sweep and all of the other roles at Mansfield Fine Furniture. A woodworker for more than a decade, Nick started the company with the goal of filling the need for heirloom-quality furniture hand-made from premium woods. Every piece is designed to suit the customer's needs and desires, hand-picking each piece of wood, and built one piece at a time, using both modern and centuries-old traditional methods to yield furniture to last for generations.