Shop Surplus Giveaway pt. 2: Free Bench Grinder

Ok folks, here’s round two of the free stuff giveaway.  I have two grinders, only one of which I really need.  Rather than store the second, here’s a chance for you to get started with hollow grinding your tool bevels.

1/2 HP 3450RPM Bench Grinder, 6"

1/2 HP 3450RPM Bench Grinder, 6″

This is a Cummins (a basic import brand) 1/2 HP, 3450RPM  Bench Grinder, with 6″ wheels.  Its fully functional, and is only missing a tool rest on the left side.  I removed it to use with the Lee Valley Tool Rest, which I’d recommend you invest in.  This holds true for pretty much any entry level bench grinder, since the tool rests are basically useless.  The other thing you may want to invest in? Some Aluminum Oxide Grinder wheels (I think they’re around $35, for the Norton 3X blue wheels) will make the grinding substantially better.

Comments will close and winner will be selected from the submitted comments on Tuesday, Jan. 31st, 2012, around 2PM EST.


I realized that like Chris from Flairwoodworks, who’s also giving away his surplus, laying out the groundrules for these giveaways is a good idea.  Mine are just like his (’cause I cut, paste, and tweaked…why mess with success):

  1. I will post a picture and brief description of the item or group of items up for grabs.
  2. Comment if you want it!  I suggest you subscribe to this blog so you get notified when I post something.  If you want the item(s), leave a comment (IN THE POST BELOW, not Twitter or G+) on that particular post and let me know if you can pick it up or if you need it shipped.  (I am willing to ship, but you are responsible for all shipping costs.  I can get a shipping quote and will ship once I’ve received funds to cover my shipping costs.  I have a PayPal account with which I can collect funds, although there are better methods of payments for which one can read the full info here.)
  3. After a set period of time, which I will announce in the post, I will enter into a Random Chooser the names of those interested and let the program draw a winner.  I will announce the winner in the comments section and contact them to arrange a pick-up time or shipping details. If the first person chosen changes their mind, I’ll have another name chosen;
  4. Shipping will happen as soon as I can make it happen, which may not be the next day, but it will come. (Hey, its free stuff, quit complaining…)
  5. Items up for grabs will be posted as I come across things, I’m shooting for once every week or two, so stick around;
  6. No phone calls, please!

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