Welcome to Mansfield Fine Furniture, and its launch into the digital realm

I suppose this represents, for me, a paradox.

On the one hand, the passion of furniture making grew in me as a way of feeling the self-sufficiency of making the things we need, the way that they may have been made in centuries past.  On the other, we live in a time where Moore’s Law drives exponential technological advances.  It seems that, in order for the methods used by our predecessors to survive and be passed on to future generations of craftsmen, adaptation to the technology of today and tomorrow will be required.

So here I am, dragged kicking and screaming, and at the same time, with a certain sense of anxious excitement, jumping into the digital world.

It is my hope that your feedback, comments, suggestions will help to drive continuous improvement to the content of this site, and to the furniture that I will build for you and for others, in the ways generations of furnituremakers past.

Stay Tuned!