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Here are some Logo drafts I’m working  for Mansfield Fine Furniture designed by Aristotle Dreher, who came with recommendation from Dyami Plotke (@dyamiplotke), as well as a few others derived from his initial concept. These will be full color for web/print presentation (e.g.,  in the header, above) and monochrome for other things (maker’s mark, stamp, etc).

I’d love to get any feedback, comments, ideas, design concepts, etc you can offer. I’ll number them so you can refer by number in comments (below) :

A. Dreher #1

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A. Dreher #1

By the way, if you would like Aristotle to have a go at your design, you can get in touch with him on twitter @aristotledreher.  He’s been a pleasure to work with.


  • #3 or #4 are the most straightforward and connote “fine furniture” the best.  The others get too fussy or aren’t “fine” enough.  I do like the elements in #7 -but there’s too much going on for a single logo/image.  

  • Dyami Plotke

    I like 4, 6 & 7. I like a large letter or word in the center.

  • Kenny Comeaux

    I like #5 Nick

  • Eric Fortin

    #3 and #4 look good. #5 feels to bulky but #6 is nice as well.

  • Estich

    Exciting, Nick. It may be worth considering having the letters and/or border appear carved in the wood….for example http://www.birdandcocreative.co.uk/photoshop-tutorial-carved-wood-effect/. The font may have to be thicker to accomplish this though. You can also see how we did this on our site with light wood and dark lettering…..http://www.setteradvertising.com/

  • Estich

    …and I prefer the simplicity of #1

  • Rob

    I liked #4 the best.  It’s classy, simple, and stately.  I could even envision it on a brass background rather than wood grain.  

    • ooh, brass, hadn’t thought of that…the wood grain (at least the image version) worries me a bit when it comes to converting the logo to monochrome or (there’s probably a better name for this:) line art, for things like stamps (rubber or metal).