New Logo is here!

In case you missed it in the header of this page, Mansfield Fine Furniture has a new logo. There are three images, the color logo intended to appear as a brass plaque, the color logo with background, and black and white, which will be used as a stamp/makers mark:

Full Color Logo

Full Color Logo

Full Color with Background

makers mark

Mansfield Fine Furniture Makers Mark

Tell me what you think!

About Nick

Nick Roulleau is founder, craftsman, designer, joiner, finisher, floor-sweep and all of the other roles at Mansfield Fine Furniture. A woodworker for more than a decade, Nick started the company with the goal of filling the need for heirloom-quality furniture hand-made from premium woods. Every piece is designed to suit the customer's needs and desires, hand-picking each piece of wood, and built one piece at a time, using both modern and centuries-old traditional methods to yield furniture to last for generations.
  • Hi Nick,

    I love it.  It looks very classy.  Will you be able to achieve the level of detail shown in the images when you use it as a stamp?


    • Excellent question. I’ll order one and find out!

  • Jfitz

    Nice logo!  Are you intending to affix small brass logos to your work?  I think that would be a nice touch.

    • Thanks John,
      In the short term, I’ll be stamping in black ink, but there’s a british company I’m in touch with through twitter ( who does custom engraved/etched brass plates. I may add those down the line.