The Miter Shooting Board

If you read Steve Branam’s post earlier this week at Close Grain, you heard about the seminar given by Paul Sellers, and a shooting board he made in a matter of minutes to make a mitered corner on a picture frame.  It was amazing in its simplicity, and, after making a shooting board the “hard” way just days earlier (I wrote about it here), I was determined to try his method.  Steve Branam will also likely be doing a blog post on this wonderful contraption, so if you’re not subscribed to his post, do it, it’s worth it, I promise.

So here it is, my first video.  To underline how quick this is to make, the total un-edited time of the video was less than an hour, with a lot of fumbling and bumbling.  To make this again, now that I’ve done one? Probably 15 minutes.  Enjoy, and please, leave me some feedback on the video!

Update: Steve Branam just posted a video of building his own miter shooting board; similar methods, slightly different form factor, but well worth taking in. See it over on his Close Grain Post

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Nick Roulleau is founder, craftsman, designer, joiner, finisher, floor-sweep and all of the other roles at Mansfield Fine Furniture. A woodworker for more than a decade, Nick started the company with the goal of filling the need for heirloom-quality furniture hand-made from premium woods. Every piece is designed to suit the customer's needs and desires, hand-picking each piece of wood, and built one piece at a time, using both modern and centuries-old traditional methods to yield furniture to last for generations.
  • Shannon

    Great job Nick.  I love little projects like this that can either introduce someone to a simple hand tool technique or allow you to practice and perfect that technique.  Even better it is a project that doesn’t have to be pretty so wood costs and worry about finish isn’t necessary.  Best of all, you end up with a great shop appliance that will improve your woodworking when it counts on expensive woods and finer projects. 

    We built something like this in The Hand Tool School though it was more complex using a single triangular block for the fence.  This method with the wedges is much faster and easier.  Kudos to Paul Sellers for the idea!

  • Grahamleeshawn

    Very well done. I’m definitely going to try it.

  • Pretty awesome, Nick!  I’ll have to remember that when I get the bench done.  Many accessories to make and down and dirty are always the best kind.

  • Anonymous


    I just stumbled upon your site. This was a great video.

    Last week I just received my Lie-Nielson miter plane, and am in need of building some shooting boards. Now I have my design – thanks!

    • Glad you enjoyed it! I put mine to use with a frame for a corkboard…the corkboard isn’t worthy of its frame! The miters came out perfectly.